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This is a record of my ride from Sea to Sea. This classic ride can be carried out over a number of routes but all go from the Irish Sea to the North Sea or vice versa. I rode with my brother Philip from Whitehaven on the Irish Sea to Sunderland on the North Sea. We did it over 3 days in May 2008. My son Ben who had completed the Land’s End to John O’Groats with us the previous year also rode the first day of the C2C with us.


Sea to Sea


As for the Land’s End to John O' Groats ride I have provided 2 diaries, one by a rider and the other by support. There is also a photo gallery.

We had hoped for fair weather throughout in late May but unfortunately it was not to be and whilst we did not have a lot of rain, it was unseasonably cool and a very strong headwind fought us all the way.
There are various routes that qualify as the C2C we chose a classic one starting at Whithaven on the Irish Sea and ending at Sunderland on the North Sea. The route is well marked by Sustrans signs nearly all the way and provides plenty of contrast as you cycle first away from the coast and thought the Lake District, then up over the pennines and finally down through the old steel production regions to the coast of Sunderland.

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